List of Things You Can Mix With Your Moringa Juice

Moringa is one of our favorite health supplements. It's very flexible, available as everything from seeds to leaves to juice. It's packed with a wide range of health benefits, it's easy to take, and the juice can be tasty besides. 

That said, some people either don't like the taste or prefer to add moringa as a supplement to other concoctions instead of drinking the juice. It's totally understandable; moringa has a strong and very "green" flavor, and some people aren't fans.

So, let's talk about different things you can mix with moringa juice!

Mixing with Water

The first option, which is part of the recommended usage directions for moringa juice, is to mix it with water. Now, moringa capsules with just the powder in them won't work very well for this; it can clump up or be difficult to mix, and a capsule is already a good way to take your moringa. 

For something like moringa juice, mixing it with water will dilute it in flavor. It's a good idea for two reasons: it cuts down on how strong the juice flavor is, and it encourages you to drink more water. Remember, almost no one is drinking enough water in their day to day lives. We'll happily encourage it where we can.

One thing you might notice if you look at the ingredients for moringa juice is that it's often mixed with a variety of other juices. Some of them are common and give it a fruity kick, like cranberry and pomegranate. Others, like aloe, serve more to add additional health benefits. Some serve to sweeten the whole thing, like stevia and sucralose. 

So that's what we've done here today: divided up our mix-ins into three categories. Some will enhance the natural flavor of moringa, while others will serve to mask the stronger green flavor and make it more palatable. Finally, we have a list of things you can mix in not because of their flavor, but because of their added health benefits. Of course, keep in mind that many of the other mix-ins have health benefits of their own, like boosted vitamins and antioxidants.

Ingredients to Enhance Flavor

This first group of ingredients are the mix-ins or base juices that you can use to mix in some moringa juice concentrate, or moringa powder, or ground loose leaves, or whatever other preparation you want to use. They won't overpower the natural flavor of moringa, so these are good options if you want something green, earthy, or otherwise healthy tasting. If you aren't a fan of the natural moringa flavor, you might want to mix several of these together or use some ingredients from the next chunk of the list to help mask the flavor of the herb.

Apple juice. Apple juice with moringa juice is one of the biggest go-to preparations in the world of moringa, and with good reason. The apple won't overpower the flavor of moringa, since it's a relatively neutral juice used as the base for a lot of other juices. It is, however, a natural sweetener, with a bit of a fruity taste that nicely enhances the natural flavor of moringa. 

White grape juice. White grape juice is sweeter and less potent than your typical concord grape juice, which makes it a great option for a nice, sweet alternative to apple juice as your base for a moringa juice drink. Grape juice is also a great healthy option as well, so it could easily go into the last section of this page, but we're putting it up here to go along with other base juices. Mixing in a little moringa juice makes grape juice a great base, and you can add in other fruits and fruit juices to make a potent punch for morning energy.

Pear juice. Pear juice is widely used as a base juice for other juice drinks primarily because it has very little flavor itself. Pears are one of the most neutral tasting fruits out there, unless they're perfectly ripe, which can be hard to get if you don't have a pear tree of your own to take care of. Pear juice serves to be a natural sweetener, almost like sugar water, but healthier. Mixing in a bit of moringa won't mask the flavor at all, but it will sweeten and brighten it nicely.

Green smoothie ingredients. Pretty much anything you can add to a green smoothie you can use as the base for moringa preparations. A green smoothie would work best with a dash of moringa juice added to it, or you can (if you can find them) use the moringa leaves as part of the smoothie greens mixture. Remember that there are a lot of different green smoothie recipes out there, but the key to a good green smoothie is a healthy fat. Avocado is the go-to, but coconut oil and flax seeds both work well too. You can read more about that here.

Nut butter. Now, you're not going to just add some moringa juice to peanut butter and call it a day. You need something else to blend the two together. Banana works fantastically here; a banana and peanut butter smoothie with a hint of moringa to enhance the earthiness of the nuts is a great mix.

Banana. Banana is a great base for pretty much any kind of smoothie, so long as you don't have issues with potassium. You can use a green banana for a more fibrous and greener taste, or you can wait for it to ripen to get that richer, creamier banana flavor. Plus, adding banana to any kind of morning smoothie will give it some additional bulk and heartiness you don't really get anywhere else. It's hard to replace banana as an ingredient, to be honest.

Honey. If you want to add a sweetener to your moringa juice, but you don't want to use something artificial like sucralose, or just a base fruit juice, you can add honey. The trick here is that honey works best when it's hot, so you want to add this to a hot beverage like a tea rather than a cold beverage. We recommend making your favorite tea blend, adding a splash of moringa juice, and topping it off with a bit of honey to sweeten and add that golden flavor to the whole thing.

Ingredients to Mask Flavor

We get it; moringa can be a strong flavor, and if you're not getting a fruity juice concentrate instead of just plain moringa, you're going to be facing down a tough green supplement every morning. If you want to take it with the minimum amount of hassle, you'll want something with a stronger flavor to overpower or mask the green flavor of moringa. There are a ton of different options here, so we've listed a few that tend to be representative of the kinds of things you can try.

Orange Juice. Orange juice is one of our main go-to drinks in the morning. The vitamin C concentration, the sweet tanginess, the pulp; it's an excellent choice for something to drink in the morning after breakfast. Mix in your daily serving of moringa juice and you probably won't even taste it, especially if you have some great fresh-squeezed orange. You can also mix in other fruit juices to make a tangy punch.

Coconut Milk. Coconut milk, coconut water, coconut butter, coconut oil; basically anything you make with coconut is going to have a strong coconut flavor, which is pretty omnipresent in anything you make with it. We like to use one of the coconut liquids as a base for milk-like beverages, including coffee and hot chocolate. Mixing in a bit of moringa might not seem like it works here, but the moringa doesn't overpower the coconut in our experience. It's better to use a pure moringa rather than a fruity juice for this (unless you want something tropical).

Blueberries. Blueberries are one of our favorite antioxidant-packed fruits. They're sweet, they're tangy, they're vibrantly colored and delicious all around. Mixing a bit of moringa in is going to add some moisture and won't really affect the taste all that much, because blueberries are so potent on their own. You can use a blueberry lemonade mixture, plain blueberries added to a smoothie or some other mixture as you desire.

Mint. Mint is a strong flavor on its own, and will easily overpower and dominate just about anything you put in it. You can mix it into any sweet recipe, though you might want to avoid mixing it with the tangier juices, particularly citrus, without something like chocolate to balance it out. Mint is fine to mix with moringa – we've seen some people asking about it – but mint and moringa alone might be reasonably lacking depth. Mint tea with moringa added to it works nicely as well.

Cocoa. What's not to love with cocoa, cacao, and chocolate? Mixing up pretty much anything with chocolate will improve it, and moringa is no different. A green smoothie with a bit of chocolate becomes richer and more decadent. Chocolate mixed with virtually any fruit is a great combination. Chocolate is also a strong enough and dense enough flavor – particularly dark chocolate – to overwhelm a small amount of moringa juice.

Lemon Juice. Citrus is a great choice, for all of the same reasons as orange juice listed above. We probably wouldn't recommend just adding some moringa to some lemon and drinking it, since it's so strong, though. Consider making a glass of lemonade with a big serving of moringa added to it, or make a serving of cucumber-lemon water with some moringa mixed in. The citrus works wonders to improve the overall taste, and there's added health benefits as well. More on that in this next section: 

Ingredients to Boost Health Benefits

The health benefits of moringa have already been mentioned up above (we linked to our post on those benefits) but you know, it doesn't have to stand alone. Plenty of the ingredients above have some health benefits, like antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, but the ones we've listed below are all good choices to add to another mixture or add as the base of a new recipe altogether.

Ginger. Ginger is a superfood and a very potent root. Ground ginger is a great spice, but nothing quite compares to fresh ginger. The almost fruity spice of the fresh root serves to add a powerful flavor to a range of different mixtures, from juices to teas to smoothies. Try adding a little bit to your favorite recipes, along with the moringa of course. You might be surprised at how many different things it goes with.

Dandelion Greens. Dandelion is viewed by many to be a mere weed, but it is a perfectly edible plant with a ton of health benefits for those who are willing to overlook the social reputation it has garnered. The greens alone are great medicinal plants and work great in everything from salads to green smoothies. Moringa leaves are a good option to mix into a salad if you have them, and if not, using some moringa juice as part of the base for a salad dressing is a great way to use it.

Spirulina. Spirulina is one of a family of blue-green algae supplements that are powerful health boosters, but are equally strong if not stronger than moringa in terms of green flavor. They're difficult to take on their own, but any recipe you make with them can have some moringa juice added to boost both the health effects and the flavor.

Green Tea. Brewing tea and adding moringa is a time-honored traditional way to consume the herb in the west, and there's no reason to question it. You can use dried leaves as part of the tea mixture, or you can add some moringa juice to the water or milk you use to brew the tea. The sky is the limit with tea, as you probably know already.

So there you have it; our list of great things you can use to mix into moringa, or mix moringa into, to tweak the flavor as much or as little as you like.

We know this is far from all of the options, though, so let us ask; what's your favorite mix-in? Tell us in the comments.

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