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Guanabana Juice | Soursop

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Guanabana is a fruit from the guanabana tree, found in places like Brazil, the Amazon forest, and other Caribbean islands. It also goes by the name of Graviola, sousop, but here in the United States for some it is still known as Guanabana. Some use it to make fruit juices, sherbets, etc. It has a nice sweet white pulp and some are even able to eat it out of hand. Guanabana according to research that was done by a pharmaceutical company may have cancer curing capabilities. It may be the miraculous cancer cure because it was found to be a potent cancer cell killer that was much stronger than chemotherapy.

Suggested Use:

*2 oz a day before breakfast 


El jugo de Guanabana es rica en vitamina C , B1, B2 y minerales. Fortalece nuestro organismo y acelera nuestro processo digestivo. Esta comprobado que el jugo de Guanabana ayuda a combatir contra el cancer y qualquier otro tipo de tumor maligno. 

Uso Segurido:

*2 oz de jugo antes de desayuno.