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Font families

Primary font: HelveticaNeue-Light

Secondary font: bebas-neue


  1. $black:
  2. $white:
  3. $gray:
  1. $gray-lighter:
  2. $gray-light:
  3. $gray-dark:
  1. $color:
  2. $color-light:
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  1. $highlight:

Type patterns

default heading

default subheading

Section heading default

STYLES - Bella All Natural

Default article title

Published | Published by

Here is some blog-post content. This is some emphasized text - also known as "italic" in this editor. Here is some text with strong emphasis - which is usually shown with a bold look. This is underlined.

Here is another paragraph. Its a short paragraph but it has a link.

This is a level 2 heading.

No one should use any "color" in this editor. Color should be taken care of by themes programming. If you feel a need to use color, please talk to the theme developer.

  • This is an unordered list.
  • Here is some text with strong emphasis - which is usually shown with a bold look.
  • Here is another list item. Its short but it has a link.

Its kinda sneaky... but there is a text formatting option above that looks like A v. Inside that thing there are headings - and at the bottom, there a blockquote.

You can use the blockquote to style things as a call-out. It looks like this / which just indents it a little - but on the actual website it will be styled appropriately.

Unfortunately, its a little tricky to get out of it. : /

Bella test image

It may feel like overkill... but these images need to be BIG - and ideally 2000px or at least 1600px

This is a level 2 heading.

The page title / or "article" title is already the level 1 heading, so there is no need to use it. Its unlikely that youll need level 3 and so on.

  1. This is an ordered list.
  2. Here is some text with strong emphasis - which is usually shown with a bold look.
  3. Here is another list item. Its short but it has a link.

It might not look to pretty in the editor, but it will look nice on the website. Its important to use the right formatting so that the search engines can crawl your content and lead people to your store. : )


explicit heading

explicit subheading
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