Mujer Sana - Healthy Woman

Mujer Sana - Healthy Woman

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Mujer Sana is a perfect blend of natural herbs that may help women with many issues including the following.

  • Reproductive System
  • Period
  • Ovaries
  • Prevents cysts
  • back pain
  • thick flow
  • bleeding
  • colic
  • coldness
  • female infertity
  • desire to become pregnant

Suggested Use: 4 ounces a day after a meal

Ingredients: Avocado, shepherds purse herb, hippocratacea root bark, ginger root, cuchalate, blue spider wort flower, southern magnolia flower, fringed rue, magnolia flower


Mujer Sana es una combination perfecta de yerbas naturales que pueden ayudar con lo siguiente.

  • sistema reproductora
  • periodo menstrual
  • ovarios
  • previene quistes
  • dolor de cintura
  • flujo espeso
  • hemoragias
  • colico
  • frialdad
  • estrilidad femenina
  • deseos de embarazarse 
Ingredientes: Aguacate, bolsa de pastor, cancerina, raiz de jengibre, matijeral, flor de tradescantia, flor de magnolia, ruta bracteosa, flor del corazon.