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Healthy Moringa For PCOS

One significant condition plaguing women worldwide is polycystic ovary syndrome, which can have devastating effects. Often, people believe that chemical intervention is the only recourse for such things. However, it is always smart to look for a natural health tool in addition to regular treatment. 

Most people are looking to find new, natural tools to bolster their health. More and more products are being discovered and grown with this goal in mind, with a few new rising stars taking the lead. One substance, in particular, that is earning a name for itself is moringa, which has become rather popular in some circles. While the plant is finding a home as a treatment for many things, is PCOS one of them?

Moringa's growing use as a health supplement has brought a great deal of publicity to this plant. However, PCOS is a highly unpleasant disease that makes one wonder how any substance could alleviate its effects. However, there is a possibility that, when appropriately brewed, moringa can be very useful in treating the symptoms of PCOS. 

While it might not be able to replace mainstream medication fully, it might be the natural alternative you need. This article will enable you to brew a moringa drink tailored to managing the ravages of PCOS on your body.

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Odds are, if you are reading this article, you are painfully aware of what polycystic ovary syndrome is. However, it never hurts to cover all your bases and learn some new information. Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is an unpleasant condition in which the ovaries overproduce a hormone known as androgens. Unfortunately, androgens are a male sex hormone that is only meant to exist in a minimal amount in women. When this condition arises, it usually leads to the formation of cysts along with the ovaries.

When PCOS manifests, some fairly obvious symptoms can indicate the misaligned hormones.

Suffering From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The symptoms include:

  • Irregular or missed periods.
  • Enlarged ovaries.
  • Excess body hair on the chest, stomach, or back.
  • Weight gain.
  • Acne.
  • Thinning or balding hair.
  • Infertility.

Some of these symptoms are less obvious than others and will require medical confirmation from your physician. However, they can interfere with your quality of life. The scariest part is that modern medicine has yet to determine a definitive cause of PCOS. However, there has been some evidence linking PCOS to an excess of insulin. 

Women with PCOS tend to have higher insulin levels in their systems than they would otherwise. PCOS is a disease that most women dread to consider. Especially if you are trying to create a family of your own and the PCOS induces infertility. However, it is not impossible to fight back against this horrible condition, though it will not be a simple affair.

While there is no cure for the symptoms of PCOS, there are options to treat the effects and manage the hormones in your body. With the right resources, it is possible to restore some balance to your biology and make it so that polycystic ovary syndrome does not control your life.

What is Moringa?

If you have never heard of moringa before, you might be wondering just what it is and why you should consider it. Moringa, known scientifically as Moringa oleifera, is a tree native to India. Fast-growing and able to thrive in a drought, it has seen many uses throughout its existence for several different purposes. 

It has been used to cook, as a nutritional supplement, medicinal herb in traditional practices, and even to purify water. While moringa's abilities and effects can be highly beneficial, its main focus is its medicinal traits. The individual parts of moringa are packed with polyphenols and other substantial compounds that can aid in treating certain conditions.

Moringa can offer several critical nutrients to reinforce your overall health, making it easier to manage PCOS symptoms. However, the biggest reason moringa is becoming popular in PCOS treatment is its effects on insulin. As we have discussed, insulin is linked to PCOS, suggesting it is part of why the disease manifests. Therefore, it stands to reason that managing your insulin levels can be exactly what you need to do to mitigate PCOS symptoms. This is where moringa comes into play.

Moringa Plant

Research has proven that moringa has a profound effect on managing the insulin levels in the human body and mitigating certain PCOS symptoms. There is one study conducted on rats with differing insulin levels and aspects of PCOS. The rats were given moringa leaf extract, and after 14 days, the rats who were given the extract showed remarkably lowered levels of insulin and decreased androgen. Therefore, it can be inferred that moringa can manage the androgen levels in the body and minimize PCOS effects.

Another major effect of moringa that can be useful for countering PCOS is its anti-inflammatory compounds. Chronic inflammation has been linked to PCOS, much like high insulin levels. So, by introducing certain anti-inflammatory compounds, like moringa, you can manage the inflammation caused by PCOS. Moringa's anti-inflammatory effects have been evaluated scientifically and are believed to result from the isothiocyanates found in the leaves, pods, and seeds of the moringa tree.

However, the effects of moringa alone are not enough to fully counter PCOS effects. It is possible to mix moringa with other substances that can counter PCOS into a beverage that can help you try to repair the body.

How to Make an Anti-PCOS Drink with Moringa

Moringa comes in several forms, including a liquid form since it can be refined into a powder to make juice. You can reap several anti-PCOS benefits by taking liquid moringa and mixing it with other natural supplements. Some of the other major supplements you can use to undo the damage caused by polycystic ovary syndrome include:

  • Maca: A form of ginseng native to Peru that has been linked to improving fertility and overcoming PCOS' infertility symptoms.
  • Damiana: A shrub native to southern Texas in the United States that can increase libido and overcome PCOS' effects on the sex drive.
  • Ashwagandha: A shrub native to India and the Middle East that can manage your cortisol levels and undo stress contributing to PCOS' effects.

You can combine a few other products with moringa juice to counter PCOS, including turmeric and certain herbs like ginger root and even avocado. When mixed, you have a brew that can help regulate PCOS symptoms and return your body to a healthier state. Then, it just becomes a matter of blending these compounds and downing them. It is as simple as gathering the ingredients and mixing them all in a glass.

Healthy Moringa Drink

The recipe we recommend is:

  • 1 oz. moringa juice powder mixed into a glass of water.
  • ½ teaspoon of maca powder mixed with the moringa juice.
  • 2 scoops of ashwagandha powder mixed with the above.

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and drink. There you have it. A moringa drink packed with ingredients that have known anti-PCOS properties. You should feel free to add additional ingredients such as turmeric or herbal powders if you so choose. If you want to focus on the weight loss aspect of countering PCOS, including aloe vera in your moringa juice can offer just that. Since aloe vera can purge toxins and improve digestion, it can help compensate for some of the metabolic trouble induced by polycystic ovary syndrome and help you lose the disease-induced weight.

Just remember that you do not want to add too much to your drink if you do not want to pile up too many effects at once. After all, you should always be wary of side effects when adding a new substance to your diet.

Does Moringa Have Side Effects?

Whenever you aim to use a new health supplement, there will always be concerns about potential side effects that can cause more harm than good. Hearing that moringa can be used to combat something as severe as polycystic ovary syndrome might leave you wondering what side effects it might cause. However, you might be shocked to learn that there have been very few reported side effects of moringa by itself. When consumed, the only real risk relates to potential allergies that your primary care physician can easily verify. There is still some risk if you are taking certain prescription medication. 

One aspect of moringa use that might concern you is if you have diabetes and taking medication to treat it. Most diabetes medication is designed to lower blood sugar so that there is no overload. However, moringa is also highly effective at reducing blood sugar, meaning the use of moringa supplements in conjunction with your prescription diabetes medication risks a harmful interaction. If your blood sugar levels fall too low, diabetic or not, you risk serious harm or illness. In these cases, you should avoid using moringa to manage PCOS until you consult with a doctor.

Moringa Leaves

A similar concern can be found with medication used to regulate high blood pressure. Once again, moringa has a similar effect in that it can lower blood pressure to a level similar to prescription medication. Consuming moringa while taking such medications can cause your blood pressure to fall too low and jeopardize your overall health.

Finally, you will also want to take care if you take medication that needs to be broken down by your liver. While this is not quite as serious as lowering blood pressure or blood sugar, moringa is known to slow the rate at which the liver functions. Therefore, if you take medication that requires breakdown by the liver to function properly, you might cause the timing to be off and cause some complications. However, this is easily avoided by simply timing your medication and consumption of moringa carefully.

Ultimately, the side effects of moringa are little more than medication interactions that are a concern for any product. With consultation from your physician, it should remain well within the possibility of successfully taking moringa for your needs with minimal risk. With all of this information, you are now ready to use moringa. The only question left is where you can acquire quality supplements.

Keep it All Natural

Moringa is an extremely powerful and beneficial resource for women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. It can help alleviate some of the more severe symptoms caused by the disease all on its own. When combined with other compounds into a tonic, you can reinforce your body against countless PCOS-induced symptoms and issues. Care needs to be taken whenever you use a substance like a moringa for your health. 

However, the risks associated with this particular plant are minimal, and the potential benefits are extremely high. We know that PCOS is highly unpleasant to deal with, and it can make you feel like less of a woman in some cases. However, this is as far from the truth as you can get, and the use of moringa can help you repel the symptoms of this disease.

Bowl of Powdered Moringa

More than a few synthetically produced medications are used to treat PCOS, but we at Bella All Natural believe in a different approach. With natural supplementation, you can fight against diseases like polycystic ovary syndrome with a minimum of potential side effects. We can also provide you with the means to reap the benefits of moringa and other anti-PCOS supplements. 

Our PCOS kit offers an assortment of supplements meant to bolster your body against the ravages of the disease, and our moringa juice powder will only help further. Using our ingredients, you can brew a healthy anti-PCOS drink and enjoy a life where PCOS does not control you. So, visit our website today and take the first step on your journey to a healthier life. Just remember to keep it All Natural!

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