Free Walking Apps: Boost Your Fitness with These Top Picks

Free Walking Apps

Everyday resources like free walking apps become highly important for all types of fitness routines. Do you know that walking is a workout suitable for every skill level? And the best part is, you don't have to flock to the gym or run a marathon to stay fit - regular strolls can tackle that!

Walking has tons of benefits! Want to avoid long-term diseases? Check. Boost up your heart and lung health? Check! And let's not forget to build up muscle strength and energy! Isn't it fascinating that such a simple thing we learn as babies can be so healthy?

This is where these free walking apps come to the stage. Imagine having a combo of a personal coach and fitness tracker right in your pocket! These apps can help bring a change by monitoring your progress, showing clear data, and keeping track of your walking paths. And guess what? Loads of them are completely free of cost!

Let's talk about them, starting with MapMyWalk.

#1: MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk is sort of like your walking buddy. It helps make your walking workouts twice as fun by jotting down all the important stuff on your walk. Excitingly, this app lets you discover every nook and cranny of new walking paths. It's like a treasure chest filled with people's shared walks. Such a trove of paths! It also allows you to keep tabs on your favorite routes. This feature works like a charm when you're up for a new adventure.

The app's real strength shows when you want to see how well you're doing on your walks. You're trying to beat your previous records, right? Or maybe you just want to stick to a steady walk. Either way, you can find out your speed. Pretty neat, right? By knowing this, you can gradually increase your pace and achieve your walking goals with ease.

The MapMyWalk App

That's not all, friends! You won't believe this, but it also clocks the distance of each walk and the time you've spent. This way, it keeps reminding you how dedicated you are to staying fit. Plus, and this is something you might not expect, it tracks your altitude. Ever thought about the elevation during your walks? This info can make a big difference whether you're mastering hills or sticking to flat terrain.

And here's one more thing. Want to know how many calories you've burned? It's got you covered there, too. Thanks to a detailed record, it's easier for you to change your routine for better health.

To tell you the truth, I fell in love with this app just because it's both easy to use and packed with useful features. It walks you through every tiny detail so you know you're making the most of your fitness plan. Can you believe it? With all the knowledge from MapMyWalk, we will all become walking workout gurus!

#2: Walking for Weight Loss

"Walking for Weight Loss" is an app you might find handy if you like walking. Doesn't matter if you're going indoors or taking it outside. It makes workout plans for people at any fitness level. I've seen quite a few apps, but this one works well because it knows that what works for me may not work for you.

Ever wondered how each step you take melts away those calories? Isn't it puzzling sometimes? Walking for Weight Loss offers an answer! It gives you a complete rundown of your walks—like how far you go, how many steps you take, and the calories you've burned.

Trapped inside on a gloomy day but still want to take a walk? I've been there. And that's when Walking for Weight Loss can save the day. It creates customized - I mean serious, top-notch - workout plans. And that tells me one thing: fitness isn't a one-size-fits-all thing!

Walking for Weight Loss

Now, these workout plans are made by pro fitness coaches. So, they have different goals - from daily step counts to ambitious weight loss targets! It's like these plans jazz up the whole weight-loss scene, keeping you moving forward.

But let's talk about one more feature: GPS mapping. I find it pretty awesome, you know? It's not just marking down your outdoor routes. It's also checking the toughness and grade of your path. So when you're planning your walk, it's like having a personal guide.

Now, because not all walking apps bring it home, having one that fits everyone's needs matters, right? Whether you're up for indoor walks or you're a fan of outdoor trails, Walking for Weight Loss really stands out. It has the bells and whistles - pro workouts, precise tracking, and GPS mapping - which may just speed up your weight loss journey!

#3: AllTrails

AllTrails isn't just your usual app; it's a powerhouse that's taken over the hiking app scene! Why, you may ask? It's jam-packed with a lot of features - like a Swiss Army knife of apps. Think of it like your personal hiking buddy who guides you through trails, using GPS, all over the globe.

Let's wonder for a moment. Have you ever wanted to keep a record of all your hiking adventures? This app has got your back! It gives you maps of all your completed hikes. No more messing around or comparing different routes - everything's right there for you. It's a great way for you to venture into unexplored trails and step outside your comfort zone.

The AllTrails App

Now, imagine seeing a cool visual summary of your fitness journey. Wouldn't that be a game-changer? AllTrails does just that. It keeps a thorough record of your hikes, including routes, distances, and altitude changes. You can assess your progress and see where you have improved - that's pretty neat!

But there's more - AllTrails is more than just a handy tool; it's a springboard to meeting your fitness goals. Its practical use sets it apart from other hiking apps. Use it regularly, and you'll see how it elevates your hiking experience. Worth every penny, if you ask me!

The icing on the cake? Personalized hiker profiles! This feature alone makes AllTrails skyrocket to the top of the list for many users. With it, I can reminisce about that time I conquered the steep slopes of Mount Everest base camp. It's experiences like these that AllTrails captures so well. It's a valuable companion for any hiker, beginner, or veteran.

#4: Walkmeter Walking & Hiking GPS by Abvio

Do you enjoy walks and hikes like me? Let me tell you about a really cool app I tried recently--it's called Walkmeter Walking & Hiking GPS. Abvio developed this app, especially for walkers and hikers. The best part? It's free, but it still has amazing features that cater to different user needs. What makes it popular? It's a simple and comprehensive way of presenting valuable data.

So, do you have a trail that you frequent? One thing I love about Walkmeter is its excellence in recording trail data. It keeps track of your time, your pace, how far you've walked, and even changes in the land's elevation. What I find stunning is its handy statistical data, which makes it a piece of cake to follow your progress. Do you want to see your walking history, save your workout plans, and set personal goals? Walkmeter lets you do all that, encouraging you to get better every time.

Ever fear getting lost on an unfamiliar trail? Never worry again about Walkmeter! It's packed with map options--everything from the usual Google and Apple maps to specialized ones like cycling and terrain maps and even satellite images. People who love hiking will find this incredibly useful. Its app talks to you as you move, sharing real-time updates about your pace, distance, and time.

Walkmeter Walking and Hiking GPS

Would you like to share your walking experience? Walkmeter makes it easy by allowing you to share walking data through email or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Isn't it great to have a friendly competition and foster a sense of community among users?

Honestly, I was a bit worried about data privacy. But guess what? Walkmeter doesn't store data on any external servers. All your info stays right there on your device. It's totally up to you if you want to sync data across multiple devices.

Now, there's a small catch--Walkmeter is only available on the iOS App Store. But looking at its features, I'd say it's quite the game-changer in the walking app world. Also, it's worth noting to potential users that despite the limitation, the myriad of unique and functional features make up for it. So, will you give Walkmeter a shot? I think you should!

#5: Argus by Azumio

Have you ever heard of Azumio's Argus? It's this amazing fitness app that gives you detailed workout stats; it counts the steps you take and the calories you burn and even shows you how far you've walked! Honestly, it's like your own personal trainer in your pocket.

What makes Argus stand out among other fitness apps? It has a cool gadget! Keeping your phone in your pocket, Argus automatically tracks and logs every step; talk about making things easy, right?

What's great is that you don't need any extra stuff for Argus. Are all those sensors already in your phone? The app uses those. Plus, the fact that it's free makes it a no-brainer to add to your daily routine.

Argus by Azumio

I'll tell you, the real magic is how Argus calculates the calories burned -- a big challenge that's been missing in lots of other step counter apps. It's like they say, "Leave the hard work to us."

Argus doesn't just count your steps, oh no. It helps define your daily activity levels. Now, reaching your fitness goals is more doable than ever.

Have you ever tried adjusting your morning walk to shave off a few more calories? It's tough, trust me. But with Argus, it's now a breeze. This app guides you toward your fitness goals stride by stride. That's my mini testimony for Argus by Azumio, my trusty fitness companion; it really makes burning calories from walks easy peasy.

#6: Charity Miles

Charity Miles is not your average free-walking app. What makes it different? While working on your fitness, you also raise funds for your favorite charity. Yep, that's the unique selling point. It's not just an app; it's a platform, one that supports people in their fitness goals and nourishes the local community.

How does it work? First off, you pick a charity. After that, you can begin walking, running or biking. The more you sweat, the more money goes to your cause, thanks to the sponsors. So, in a single workout, you're doing two great things at once!

Want to know how the app makes sure you're really breaking a sweat? Well, Charity Miles uses the built-in GPS and motion sensors in your phone. Every mile you cover means more money for your charity. Imagine a 5-mile run and how much good that could do! By staying fit, you're also lending a hand to those in need.

Charity Miles

Now, let's talk about the real impact. Charity Miles has already given more than $2.5 million to charities across the globe. This milestone was reached because people just like you and me stick to their fitness routines.

What's the bigger picture here with Charity Miles? It adds a whole new layer to working out. Every step you take not only pushes you closer to your fitness goals but also helps solve issues like child health, saving the environment, and fighting hunger. This app lets you turn every workout into a powerful act of kindness.

With Charity Miles, your fitness journey involves more than just getting in shape; every mile becomes a step toward making a positive difference. Trust me; hitting the pavement has never felt so rewarding!

#7: Virtual Walk

Got a treadmill and looking for a fun twist to your walk routine? Let me tell you about this cool app I found - it's called "Virtual Walk - Walk the Distance." And guess what? It's 100% free.

This app isn't your everyday fitness tracker. It takes your treadmill routine and turns it into a real adventure by using snapshots from Google Street View. Imagine this: you could be walking through the colorful landscapes of Hawaii or the stunning forests of Finland, all while being in your neighborhood gym!

Here's how it works - your regular walk now tells a story. What was once a boring routine now feels more like a fascinating journey. The focus here is less on fitness and more on fun.

Worried about tracking your fitness data? Not a problem. The app has your back - it counts your steps, knows the distance you've traveled, and even tells you how many calories you've burned. So, your whole mind can be on the journey.

Virtual Walk

Now, here's a neat trick - the app syncs the digital scenery to match your walking speed. It's as if you're really there, out and about, experiencing new environments with each step.

Of course, there's more. You know those routes you loaded up using WiFi? The app remembers them. So you can revisit these routes anytime, anywhere - even when you're offline.

It's critical to remember, though, that this app is for the treadmill. It's not designed to help you navigate real-world trails or act as your outdoor guide. But for enjoying a refreshing scene on your treadmill walk, it's perfect!

If you're yearning for some excitement in your workout without stepping out of your gym, "Virtual Walk - Walk the Distance" could be just the thing you're looking for.

Keep it All Natural!

Finding the right walking app isn't a joke - it's crucial for fitness. Guess what's really important? The features of the app, of course! The app must be easy to use but also sophisticated. I once downloaded an app that was too tricky, and guess what? I never used it. So much for that!

Choose an app you're comfortable with, and your daily walks become a breeze. What's more, you can track your progress and step up your game whenever you're ready. Here's a pro tip from me: always check out the user reviews. Why? It helps you gauge an app's accuracy in measuring walks and--best of all!-- find out whether it truly motivates users.

Choosing a Walking App

Don't forget - walking apps can do wonders when combined with wellness products. Take, for instance, our range of tea offerings at Bella All Natural. From weight-loss tea to sleep-enhancing, immunity-boosting, and general health tea, we've got it all. The best part is we also cater to skincare and body care needs. If you pop by our store, you'll find all you need to complement your walking routine.

What's the takeaway, then? Having these tools makes living a healthy lifestyle a walk in the park. Say hello to wellbeing - it's all within your reach!

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