What is the Fastest (Healthy) Way to Lose Weight for Women?

A Woman Losing Weight

Physical fitness and health are something that has become extremely important to modern society. The concept of beauty in human society has existed for centuries, but the standards have steadily risen. The modern focus on appearance has led to entire industries spawning around products designed to help us cultivate our desired look. The most obvious aspect of the industry is cosmetics like makeup to help manage complexion and present an appearance that meets conventional beauty standards. That said, there are other aspects of beauty that people struggle to maintain, considering the effort that goes into them. 

One of the most pressing issues we face is a matter of both appearance and health, which is a huge issue for modern society. We are referring to the rise of obesity that is affecting millions of people worldwide.

Obesity has become a major problem because most of the food on the market is junk, producing empty calories with a high fat content. The biggest problem is that gaining weight is extremely easy since our bodies are designed to store it for scenarios where we cannot acquire a steady food source. Losing it is extremely difficult because that function tries to avoid dissolving it too quickly in case we need the stored nutrients. 

As a result, weight loss has become one of our main health concerns, and it can be difficult to reach our goal weight. Women are especially hard-pressed to lose weight and often seek the fastest method, even if it is not the healthiest.

How Sex Affects Weight

Inescapably, biological sex affects how our bodies work, including how our bodies process and eliminate fat. The reality is that male bodies process fat differently from female bodies, which affords them certain advantages. As a result, biological men seem to lose weight more efficiently than biological women. 

While there are outliers based on genetic factors, this trend seems to be the standard, with men losing weight more easily than women. For a while, this was believed to be a misconception propagated by gender biases, but research has revealed a biological explanation for why men have an easier time losing weight than women. It has also been revealed that men tend to profit more from losing weight than women because of biological imperatives that only exist in males.

One study, in particular, was published in the Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism journal that focused on 2,200 overweight adults in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. All the adults in the study were pre-diabetic, meaning they had elevated blood sugar levels and a higher risk of developing type II diabetes. The subjects in the test groups were given a highly controlled diet for 8 weeks, limited to 800 calories a day. They were permitted to eat soups, shakes, hot cereals, and vegetables to maximize nutrients over empty calories. At the end of the study, it was observed that the male subjects lost 16% more weight than the female subjects despite having identical diets.

Additionally, 35% of the subjects (male and female) had reduced blood sugar and no longer qualified as pre-diabetic. However, the male subjects lost an average of 26 pounds, while the female subjects lost an average of 22 pounds. This study confirmed that biological men have an inherent advantage when losing weight, though women are not severely disadvantaged since a 4-pound difference is not insurmountable.

How Sex Affects Weight

Unfortunately, men's advantages are also affected by metabolic factors that tend to outperform those seen in women. The metabolism burns fat more effectively depending on the type, and the type of fat depends on where in the body it is stored.

Biological men tend to carry most of their fat in their midsection. This is called visceral fat and does not offer much in the way of function. The main benefit of visceral fat manifests when we start losing weight since shedding visceral fat supercharges our metabolisms. As a result, losing more visceral fat causes our bodies to burn calories more effectively and reduces the risk of regaining the weight we lost. Since most fat men store is visceral, their metabolisms are regularly boosted whenever they lose weight. Unfortunately, women are not given the same advantage since their fat is stored differently per biological imperatives associated with female organisms.

When women gain weight, the fat is primarily stored in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and breasts. This fat is called subcutaneous fat and actually plays a role in maternal functions, whereas visceral fat is less important. Subcutaneous fat is used in childbearing and menstruation, which is inherently harder to lose because the body tries to preserve it for those functions. 

If women lose subcutaneous fat, their metabolism has no impact, so they do not receive the same calorie-burning benefits as when they lose visceral fat. Now, women do generate visceral fat, and men generate subcutaneous fat. The problem is that subcutaneous fat is more prevalent in women, while visceral fat is more prevalent in men.

Therefore, it is scientifically proven that biological men inherently have an easier time losing weight, which is unfortunate. Weight loss in beauty is predominantly aimed at women since a higher beauty standard is associated with them. While millions of men could stand to lose weight, overweight men are more accepted than overweight women. The biggest issue is that this standard focuses solely on appearance rather than the fact that being overweight leads to serious health conditions. Nevertheless, women worldwide are eager to shed their excess pounds through whatever means they can. The problem is finding a healthy way to do it.

Metabolic Boosters

Calorie and fat-burning are predominantly controlled by our metabolisms, which break down and distribute nutrients. Slower metabolisms lead to a larger amount of stored fat, while faster metabolisms are more effective and lead to lower concentrations of fat being stored in our bodies. Enhancing our own metabolism is not easy since it is primarily decided by genetics and details specific to our physiology. 

Everyone is different, and their metabolism might be slower or faster compared to someone else's. Typically, our metabolic rate is determined by factors that cannot be changed, such as age and sex. We can modify it slightly by altering our physical activity routines or diet to incorporate healthier foods. That said, some substances can jumpstart our metabolisms to offer short-term boosts to weight loss. 

Most people assume substances affecting our metabolisms are limited to exotic products, but several common compounds can offer metabolic enhancements. You might be surprised to learn that some of the most common metabolic enhancements are likely already in your home.

Sliced Aloe Vera Leaves

One of the lesser-known options is Aloe vera, a plant typically refined into a topical gel to treat sunburns. While Aloe vera has a well-established reputation as a soothing topical product, some people are surprised to learn it has benefits beyond skincare. These benefits are not well-known because not many people think of Aloe vera as something that can be used to alter our internal functions. 

Nevertheless, recent studies show that it can mildly affect our metabolism and enhance our ability to burn fat and calories. The studies surrounding Aloe vera for metabolic enhancement are still fairly new, but the initial results show enough promise to earn it a place on the list of products. One of the main studies was a 90-day test conducted on rats.

The rats were fed a high-calorie diet that increased overall weight gain and fat retention. The rats in the test group had dried Aloe vera gel applied to them to determine whether it would be absorbed and alter the rats' physical condition. It was discovered that Aloe vera reduced fat retention and accumulation while increasing the number of calories they burned. Additional animal studies confirmed that Aloe vera enhances the metabolic response to sugar and fat, making it easier for the subjects to lose weight. 

While there have not been many human studies, the effects appear to transcend the species barrier, making Aloe vera a viable option for boosting your metabolism. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of Aloe vera and might want something a little more convenient (or at least tastier) to bolster their metabolic response.

A Fresh Cup of Coffee

Fortunately, a more popular metabolic enhancer is equally common and significantly more pleasant to consume. You have likely enjoyed a cup of coffee before, though the extent of your consumption might not be as intense as others. Some people drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, while others are satisfied with a single cup in the morning. 

The main reason for America's coffee craze is that it stimulates the mind and body and allows us to overcome the lingering drowsiness from the previous night's sleep. While coffee is a powerful tool for energizing us, it is not limited to keeping us awake.

Coffee contains a powerful stimulant called caffeine, which is the source of its energizing effects and why it is so heavily valued. Caffeine is a full stimulant, meaning its effects extend beyond waking us up and impact our biological functions. Among the functions caffeine enhances is our metabolic rate, allowing us to take advantage of an increased fat-burning rate. 

Multiple studies have tied caffeine to metabolic enhancement and weight loss, albeit with certain caveats. A review of 12 studies determined that coffee consumption led to decreased body fat, primarily in males.

Despite the male subjects having a higher reaction, female subjects demonstrated similar improvements. The most promising studies discovered that drinking coffee could enhance our resting metabolic rate (the energy our metabolisms burn when not moving). The studies determined that caffeine causes our RMR to spike from 3% to 11%. While these numbers might seem small, they actually represent a major improvement in resting metabolic rates. 

That said, the discrepancy between the percentages relates to your physical state since individuals with leaner builds tend to get the full effect. The studies determined that leaner builds had a 29% increase in their ability to burn fat from caffeine's effects. Meanwhile, the obese subjects only saw a 10% increase. 

This might make it seem like coffee is only viable for people who do not need to lose weight, but the fact is that a 10% jump in your body's ability to burn fat is huge. Even a small boost can accelerate the process and make reaching your goal weight easier. Unfortunately, caffeine cannot be employed as a long-term solution whenever your weight goes back up. 

Caffeine is a stimulant, and the human body is designed to resist stimulants over time by generating immunity. In addition to making it harder to use coffee to stay awake, this immunity causes diminishing returns for the metabolic benefits. Fortunately, short-term boosting should be all that is required.

Keep it All Natural!

Weight loss is a journey that does not have any shortcuts. You might be able to find a slightly better trail, but you still need to be patient and embrace the trip. Women are, unfortunately, forced to take the longer path, but there are tools they can use to make the journey easier. You will never find a quick solution to obesity, but the tools in this article can make it easier to get through the entire journey. Aside from staying true to your weight loss efforts, the biggest challenge is finding a vendor that can provide quality products for weight loss.

A Woman Successfully Losing Weight

We at Bella All Natural have always maintained that natural solutions tend to be better when it comes to these things. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing and selling natural products to help you reach your goal weight. Our signature product for this is our customizable Extreme Weight Loss Kit, which includes our signature Skinny Iced Coffee and Aloe vera juice. It also includes our detox supplements and liver support tea (though these can be replaced with similar products). We encourage you to visit our website and build your dream kit today to keep your weight loss journey All Natural!

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